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     Young iLLa is a hip hop beat making producer born and raised in New Orleans, LA. Now residing in Los Angeles, CA.  While in high school Young iLLa was pursuing a rap career and joined his uncle, as a new artist  with a underground record label called Bloody Red Records. Young iLLa was given his first beat program by his uncle in 2001, this sparked a true passion for beat making and music production. Despite the enjoyment of beat making which started when Young iLLa was 15, Young iLLa went on to college at UNO and became a pre-med major wanting to get into sports medicine. After a year in college and relocating to Houston, TX after Hurricane Katrina, Young iLLa reunited with his music production aspirations and began to study music production at HCC.  After acquiring his AAS degree from HCC, Young iLLa is now going forward with his dream of being a Top of the line, proficient music and beat making producer.

     Young iLLa would like to work with all kinds of artist. This is a day in age, where there are so many mixed genres there is no limit to what you can do. Lets Make A Hit!!
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