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Young Head Beats Production is devoted to one mission: crafting new and innovative sounds that will inspire the next generation of Gen Z artists. Our aim is to create beats with soul, beats which stir up emotions in the musician and fan alike. We want our music to fuel creativity - because a good beat can make all the difference!


Established by Young iLLa, a renowned hip-hop producer from New Orleans, Young Head Beats Production has become the go-to source for captivating beats. Young iLLA graduated with an AAS degree in audio engineering and has 15 years of experience making music. His beats are unique and blend elements of R&B and Hip Hop together, creating a dynamic sound that is innovative and unmatched by any other producer in the industry.

Based in both Las Vegas and Los Angeles, Young iLLa is excited to team up with talented new artists who are ready to take their sound even further. His deep love of beat-making and soundscapes can help you to craft Hip Hop, R&B, or Trap tracks that will elevate your lyrics to the next level. His keen attention to detail will certainly fuel your lyrical creativity.

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