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Custom Beats

How it works 

Are you having trouble finding the ideal beat from our shop that meets your requirements?


We understand how critical it is to have personalized music and beats, which is why we offer a personalized service.


Let us help you complete or create a song, track, or beat – just as you envisioned it! With our specialized expertise at your disposal, anything can be accomplished.


At Young Head Beats, we pride ourselves on providing the highest caliber of musical products to satisfy your needs.

This offer is great for established artists and commercial use.

Getting started

Share your vision with us!

Ready to begin your project? Click get in touch so we can get started. Here, you'll have a chance to share all of your ideas and the desired outcome for the finished sound. It's essential that you provide as much detail as possible - include reference tracks so we comprehend what style(s) and sound(s) are most fitting for this project!


Request in review

YHB will review your detailed specifications within 24-48 hours and notify you of the appropriate next steps via email.


Receive a free demo, sign the contract, and complete payment

Within 3 to 5 days, YHB will provide you with a preview of what your demo can sound like with voice tags/watermark. This sample recording will be between 15-30 seconds long so that you can accurately gauge the quality before committing. After reviewing the demo, decide if one of these two choices best suits your needs:

Approve - After you approve the demo, we will be able to move forward with the rest of our process. At this stage, we need to set a deadline and sign an agreement after which you would make full payment for our services.

Not Approved - Provide us with more additional information and we'll create a fresh demonstration that suits your preferences. If the demo isn't up to par, then simply let us know and you won't owe any money.


Final Tweaks

YHB will execute the demo you have approved, ensuring it meets your satisfaction. We will create (3) versions of the track until you are entirely content with the outcome. You can also provide us feedback anytime during our work process for additional changes if need be!


File transfer

Upon completion of the project, a high-quality MP3 version will be sent to you and requires your approval before we send you the full package with master files and all stems in WAV format.

Making Music

Get in Touch

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