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Licensing Agreement

Young Head Beats Licensing Information

Unlimited Licensing

Get Unlimited Distribution and Sales. 

Unlimited Sales For Profit.

Unlimited Streams.

Unlimited Music Video Usage. 

Young Head Beats Still Owns Copyrights.

Unlimited Usage for Distribution and Sales. Young Head Beats/Productions will continue to own 100% of the Copyrights to Beats/Instruments.




Exclusive License

You will own complete rights to your beats:


You will get an Mp3 and a complete Trackout* of your beat that you purchase.


All voice tags will be removed.

You own the beat and have all the rights to it, and the beat will taken down off the site.

Must credit Young Head Beats for the beat.


*Trackout/Stems - When a exclusive license is purchased, the person who purchased the beat will get individual tracks to each sound played in the beat. Also the beat is no longer availible for any other artist/person to buy. It will be taken off of the site. So For example, if you wanted to upload your trackout to pro tools or logic etc. you can upload the individual tracks from the beat and mix/fully manipulate and change what ever you want because you will have all of the individual WAV files.

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