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This unlimited beat license catalog gives you access to high-quality hip-hop and trap beats that are sure to take your projects to the next level. With our extensive selection, you can find what your project needs at a great price.

Unlimited Beat Player

All The Benefits 


What is Unlimited license

With an unlimited license, you have the opportunity to gain access to a beat of your liking with both MP3 and WAV files available. You also get Trackout stems which permit you to remix, arrange, or add extra sounds in any DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that suits your needs.


This non-exclusive license will empower artists like yourself as it provides greater control over your music production process! With an unlimited license, you are offered the gift of boundless monetization on streaming platforms. For a single investment today, you can capitalize on your music and maximize your passive income from streaming - all without restrictions!

When you purchase an unlimited license from us, ownership of the beat remains with Young Head Beats and must be credited as the music producer. With this purchase, you are granted multiple sales opportunities as part of this package - allowing you to come back and buy out exclusive rights in the future if desired.

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