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5 Musician Hacks For Growth On IG

Using Music hacks using iPhone 13 on how to grow ig with Your Head Beats
Best social media tips for music artists


Whats going on with ya? Hope all is well with you and your music journey.

Alright lets get right to it. This is 5 musician hacks for GROWTH on IG.

1. Use Reels: Reels are a great way to grow. Figure out how to use them for example make tutorials or give advice.

2. Use a CTA (Call To Action): Don't just say something to say it have a call to action your audience would actually respond to.

3. Engage with everyone who engages with your post: Comment back to EVERYONE. This helps engagement and gets you to know your audience.

4. Your post share rate: Check you insights to see which post are getting the most shares that will tell you what type of posts you should do.

5. Figure out what works and do it over and over: Once you figure out what works do it again and again.

Hope this Helped.

Comeback to this sites blog for more helpful tips to help music artist and producers like you to GROW your brand.

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