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Buy commercial music for television and movies


With an abundance of royalty-free beats at your fingertips, you can easily find the perfect sound for any style, genre, and mood. Our library offers options that will take the background music for your project to the next level!


Royalty-free beats offer an incredible opportunity for music supervisors/producers; with these production tracks, you can use them commercially or non-commercially without having to pay extra fees or secure permission. This is a fantastic resource that enables producers and composers to discover the perfect soundtracks for their projects quickly and conveniently - all while saving money!

For example, royalties are collected when a finished song/instrumental is registered to a Performance Rights Organization. In other words, every time the tune is used in TV and film programs or streamed online videos as well as performed live; those responsible must offer payment to its composer.

Young Head Beats offers their customers royalty-free beats which have not been registered with a Performance Rights Organization. This enables everyone who purchases these licenses to use the beat of their selection without worrying about any additional fees for usage in upcoming projects.

Royalty Free Beat Player


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